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coming up on r t today we're joined by a special guest gary johnson the two thousand and twelve presidential candidate for the libertarian party he'll talk to us about the recent militarization of police and boston bill so american foreign policy that and more coming your way. and an f.b.i. back to bill being drafted by a u.s. task force would punish high tech companies if they refused to comply with wiretaps so what does this mean for your civil liberties we'll investigate. and the f.b.i. is looking into virginia governor bob mcdonnell relationship with a four part c.e.o. the c.e.o. even cater the wedding of the governor's daughter is this another case of buying influence will question more.
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it's tuesday april thirtieth five pm in washington d.c. i'm megan lopez and you are watching our t.v. all right starting this hour a look back at the events that led to the seizure of an entire city just over two weeks ago the city of boston experienced terror firsthand during one of its most celebrated sporting events as a manhunt ensued to find those responsible for the attack law enforcement put the city on lockdown going door to door using all means necessary to catch the perpetrators now as we all know that exhaustive search turned out to be successful and after shutting down the city the f.b.i. along with local police officers there was able to apprehend suspect and bomber dzhokhar alive but not all are saying this as a trial and former texas congressman ron paul along with many civil libertarians see the events in boston more as a worry than a win in a recent off as paul said quote the obstinance will cost the avs stenciled will
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scuse me a reason for the military style takeover of parts of boston was that. the accused perpetrator of a horrific crime was on the loose the boston bombing provided the opportunity for the government to turn what should have been a police investigation into a military style occupation of an entire american city this unprecedented move should frighten us as more as much more than just an attack itself. so are we indeed trading away our safety for our security here to break this down and much more governor gary johnson joins me now megan great to be with you thank you for having me here coming in the studio i have signed a letter that has a loop here so let's begin by talking about the boston bombing you know it just raised a lot of a lot of issues with me the fact that the boston police handled this the way that they handled it i think that was their prerogative but the questions that really arise are due process who was looking over the shoulder.
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of the police to determine if in fact what they were doing was constitutional and of course it's it is well what they're doing was legal in this because of the patriot act you know for the men of the constitution due process who's looking over the shoulders of the police to determine if what has gone on is lawful meaning constitutional well the patriot act throws all that out so and then it raises questions about drones drone surveillance those those that said well gosh we could have unleashed drones in this situation well no you can't because who then looks over the shoulder of the operator of the drone that ultimately may pull the trigger and now and then next are talking about militarization of drones meaning armed drones or surveillance drones and as long as there is due process
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that's that's the real key here and apparently that was thrown out the window and that's because of the patriot act this is these individuals were not read their rights they were treated as good as opposed to innocent until proven guilty and that's one of the things i was going to ask you about because you're talking about the constitution had not due process there was a big question over the miranda rights and whether they should have been read to somebody that is a potential terrorist suspect and then you can't help but be kwaito. or or when you start focusing on how we may have used drones in this situation and the outcry over well no you really can't use drones because there may have been innocent people killed don't why can't we make the connection with what we're doing overseas with drones and the fact that we're killing innocent people overseas and that's one of the reasons why the united states is so vilified for its military interventions well let's talk about drones for a second we have up until up and coming libertarian rand paul who on one hand is
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that holding the epic filibuster to actually get more information about drone surveillance and on the other hand you have him going on fox business news and saying that it doesn't matter to him if a person shoots somebody convenience store and we use a drone to take that person out so talk about this juxtaposition between his libertarian views and yours well having a drone for surveillance when it is look when there is due process when there is a judge that says yes very quickly yes we need to we need to send a drone into a situation like this for surveillance but if you're going to arm a drone in a situation like that megan i think you're going to have unintended consequence and that unintended consequences is it's not a it's not a trained military sniper of a helicopter it's somebody operating this remote control and they're going to they're going to pull a trigger remote control somebody that's innocent is going to end up hurt or killed
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in this situation and now i'm back to this why can't we make that connection we're outraged over what i just said why can't we make that connection with what's happening overseas when it isn't a bullet that's being fired it's a bomb that's being dropped and no we don't kill the internet we don't just kill the intended target we kill dozens if not hundreds of other innocent people in a given situation and carry what you're saying. echoed so many times in other libertarian points of views when they're talking about foreign policy so let's talk about foreign policy right now today president obama spoke with white house reporters and he said that the crisis in syria is growing hig knowledge the fact that chemical weapons might be being used in syria but he doesn't know by whom so let's listen to what president obama said and then we'll talk about it. well we now have evidence that chemical weapons have been used inside of syria but we don't know. how they were used when they were used who used them we don't have
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a chain of custody but establishes what exactly happened and when i am making decisions about america's national security and attentional for taking additional action. in response to chemical weapon use i've got to make sure i've got the facts he wants to make sure he has the facts now this is something that a lot of people who are there president bush didn't do before entering iraq with the weapons of mass destruction is it fair to compare syria with iraq the weapons of mass destruction with the alleged chemical use i think i think it is it's get all the information and after we've gotten all the information let's look at our military interventions in the past i suggest to you that there is not a military intervention in my life that has been warranted and hasn't resulted in consequences that were. unpredictable from the start these millet's our military interventions have resulted in hundreds of millions of
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enemies of this country but interventions i don't think would otherwise exist so you're talking on interventionism does it ever come to a point because right now what we know in syria is that at least seventy thousand people have died in the civil conflict there ever come a point in your mind where we need to say ok it's time for the u.s. or another air national body to step in and help those people it's you know when you talk about just like you've talked about who cannot say gosh this is something we need to consider but the reality is is that when you when you look at our past actions when you look at our past interventions you said seventy thousand people have been killed when you look at our past military interventions our military interventions result in another hundred thousand losing their lives but somehow. well that's justified because it's on the side of good it's on the side of the united states and i'm being facetious i'm being facetious our military interventions don't end up improving these situations and obviously that was the
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case because we did that back in the rebels that became al qaeda back in the one nine hundred eighty didn't you little did we learn anything when it when it came to afghanistan so let's talk about the history that the u.s. has so let's talk about saddam hussein let's talk about iraq ok now when it comes to iraq we have prosecuted well the inner national body actually prosecuted saddam hussein he was killed for killing one hundred forty eight people using chemical weapons right but in two thousand and five in fallujah didn't we do the same thing with white phosphorus well i'm not familiar with that particular situation that you're talking to talking about but it is hypocrisy it's absolute poc receive the fact that our military interventions are ok that that the foreign despot we're now promoting taking over from the forum does but that we didn't like ends up being somebody we don't like in the future and i'm talking about mubarak you know mubarak
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we back mubarak but but we are now openly admit that yes he was very corrupt and this was a horrible horrible situation but that he was better than what would have been we're making these determinations we should not be making these determinations and it's because of the fact that the reason i was bringing up the foolisher incident is because some of the upper officials of the bush administration are now saying that yes war crimes were committed do you think that there should be punished or do you think they will be punished even well they should be punished work crimes should be punished no one is immune from liability of breaking the law what about the bush administration well in this case if the law was broken there should not be immunity from that kind of prosecution ever. so let's talk about want to obey obviously are against going. on that there's a hunger strike going on what i'm on i'm against megan is arrest and detainment without being charged. i also recognize that one tunnel bay as a facility may be
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a facility that we need meaning housing enemy combatants that there is no place for arrest and detainment without charge that practice has to stop guantanamo bay as a facility maybe a facility that we need i wish. president obama were a lot more transparent on why he didn't shut down guantanamo we'll have a sense that gosh this is a facility that if we shut it down we're just going to have to duplicate it somewhere else arrest in detainment torture stop stop so what would a president johnson have done when it comes to guantanamo bay i would have shut down the practice for which we think one ton of obey should be shut down for which is arrest and detainment without being charge and torture that is not something that we should be. any part of that's what we fought wars over gary johnson thank you so much for joining us two thousand and twelve presidential candidate for the
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libertarian party gary johnny thank you you thank. and now to bob graham airfield one of the biggest air bases in america's ongoing conflict in afghanistan this is a civil cargo plane which was crashed on monday outside of kabul resulting in the death of all seven crew members on board all of them were american the plane belonged to the military contractor and national air cargo and there you see it crashed it was supposed to be headed towards dubai in the united arab emirates filled with vehicles and routine general cargo according to the national air cargo statement now the plane crashed shortly after takeoff there was no enemy fire reported when the plane caught fire and the video does not show any missiles or other live ammunition approaching the plane however despite the lack of visible weaponry the taliban has already claimed responsibility a spokesperson for international security assistance force said this morning the crash was a cause of the current the cause of the crash remains under investigation.
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well now to guantanamo bay cuba where a hunger strike amongst attain ease at the facility continues to spread u.s. army officials reported that now one hundred of one hundred sixty six detainees are on a hunger strike in protest of their indefinite detention lawyers of the detainees say that number is actually closer to one hundred in thirty the hunger strike has been growing on an almost daily basis and prison officials now say that twenty one individuals are being force fed through a nasal tube now during a press conference today u.s. president barack obama said that he doesn't want these individuals to die and not a civilian court system would be the best approach for trying these suspected terrorists president obama went on to valve that he wants to close the guantanamo bay campaign the guantanamo bay detention facility something that he actually reiterated in his two thousand and nine campaign but to no avail today president obama pledged to advance of push congress to close that detention center i continue
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to believe that we're going to close guantanamo. i think well you know. i think it is critical for us to understand that guantanamo is not necessary to keep america safe. it is expensive. it is inefficient. hurts us in terms of our international standing it lessens cooperation with our allies on counterterrorism efforts it is a recruitment tool for street missed. it needs to be closed and president obama is getting some help multiple online positions have been filed to call for the facility's closure including one by colonel morris davis he's a frequent guest on r.t. now that says that the patriotic and american thing to do would be to close this to tension facility forever we will keep you posted on whether the hunger strike petition or presidential action will result in any change at this facility. well
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a spy or not to spy that question might not be up for debate for too much longer when it comes to cyber surveillance that's because a government task force is coming up with legislation to actually force companies to find a way that allows agencies like the f.b.i. to actually monitor online communications in real time or face crippling penalties despite promises of privacy to their customers soon companies like facebook and google could be required to rewrite their programs and create a backdoor monitoring tools to help the government intercept communications as they occur but cyber companies aren't going down without a fight to discuss this i was joined earlier by him. he is the founder of s.s.p. blue and i began by asking him how the government gets companies to do their dirty work or if that's the case the actual positive side of this is not so much that the government's trying to have the companies do the dirty work the good part of that
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statement is quite the opposite the fact that the government is actually saying to companies. you go figure it out but you have to do it there's a silver lining in that because if you let the government come forward say hey you know what you're going to do it this way i don't really understand how your code works i don't really care you could do it my way or get in trouble then you have the possibility of a network crashing systems going down all sorts of chaos can happen in government as that with and that's true with anybody if you build technology to fit with another piece you don't understand you can easily crash it so the silver side of this is that companies can figure it out themselves are low it does raise all the things you were talking about which is the privacy issues so how would a law like this affect the way that we interact with our technology what it mean that anything we save in our cloud for instance or that we see through google glasses or even our keystrokes could be recorded and available for the government to pursue. well i think what if you are there's two ways to look at this one is if
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you're in the typical user who is using these services nothing's really going to change in your world historically the government has the right to come and ask for information if they're investigating and they have lawful a legal process a search warrant a subpoena things like that what they're doing now is they're saying we want to use that same legal system and get wiretap orders and people we are investigating in a criminal activity where the judge has authorized us to do so so if you're not doing anything wrong it really you will have no impact you won't see any impact if you are on the other hand trying to hide what you're doing and having real time communications and you're talking about blowing up a building or doing some terrorist activity then obviously you may be subject to an investigation if there is this technology built and instituted after a wiretap order comes in then you could be monitored every keystroke every conversation you're having whatever the case may be it is possible that's the
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direction this is headed but what guarantee is are there that this back door wouldn't be abused or what kind of judicial oversight when the f.b.i. need to in order to access this customer information great question i think the reality is there's two sides to relieve very good balancing or protective measures that are in place one is that the government has to go through the judicial system they have to ask a judge to authorize a wiretap order which actually and most people don't realize this has a string of requirements on when you can actually get it versus a search warner subpoena which are easier to get on the other side the protective measures are actually coming from your own service facebook google to perfect examples of companies that do and the amazing amount of work to protect your privacy so when a government comes say with a search warrant or subpoena they still put it through the rigamarole their systems in place that publicly many people don't realize this their systems. in place that they have lawyers looking at and saying is this lawful is this make sense is it
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coming from the right agency do they have the authority to do this and then are we going to disclose only what we're supposed to we're going to go beyond and are there systems in place to limit that so i know in a in a very good way the providers that these large tech companies are their reputation is built on privacy many of them and because of that they do a ton of stuff to try to protect the user privacy so from that perspective if i'm the user i feel sorry go ahead that might be the case but the problem is that google for instance and facebook happens to start encrypting their e-mails when it was being sent from one to another they did that back in two thousand and ten only as a hack they did that to protect their customers now what they are asking what the government and this f.b.i. legislation is possibly asking customers these companies to do is to find a way for them to be able to to open up that door what that make those companies
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more vulnerable once again to those type of cyber hacks out of the government so what you're actually raising then is a very good security question and that is if you're going to wiretap it encrypted communication at some point in order for the f.b.i. to understand what is being said it needs to get an encrypted or d. encrypted and is it possible for a hacker to go into that corruption point and figure out what's being said and therefore the whole idea of encryption goes out the window and i think likely is this to pass. so well how likely is that is it's going to be one of those that things get debated galore inside the beltway what will happen is the f.b.i. has thrown out a pretty and what i appeared to be an extreme idea from many people's points of view so what's going to happen is they'll be tons of debates for all interested stakeholders those representing the consumer people who are watching those tech companies the government's interest the investigative interest and that at the end of all this it may or may not pass but what will happen and i can guarantee this is
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some kind of compromise will result where something gets done to help the f.b.i. investigate in platforms where right now they have blindfolds over their eyes and terrorists are getting away with things that they're really worried about when it comes to protecting our own citizens the people that we're talking to right now it is a very interesting legislation he mancini gotten founder of s.s.p. blue thank you for weighing in. thanks. well to virginia now where a similarly simple case is getting more complicated by the day last month a former chef who worked at the virginia executive mansion was indicted with four felony counts of embezzle meant for allegedly using state funds to pay for private events ok so the guy stole food case closed right not even close instead the chef told authorities that his former boss might not have such a stellar reputation either that prompted an f.b.i. probe into the ties between for genya governor bob mcdonnell his wife maureen and
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c.e.o. of a dietary supplement company but that's not all even the attorney state general is being dragged into the mix he is running for governor and also was going to be the person responsible for prosecuting the shut the case against the chef until he recused himself because of a possible conflict of interest to help untangle this whole story i'm joined now by craig coleman he's a government affairs lobbyist to add to the public citizen thank you so much for joining me so first of all obviously this case is so convoluted break it down a little bit more for us and kind of explain all the players in this case well first of all it is a story is beginning to read like you know it with all the intrigue of a fascinating mystery novel including you know embezzlement softs but true this is all starting to come out what's happening is in the state of virginia they literally have almost no campaign finance laws and no ethics laws other than
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disclosure so anybody any company for instance can make unlimited campaign contributions to a lawmaker can also provide unlimited use as long as those give in campaign contributions to be disclosed well this story started breaking a little while ago when it turned out that one company name star scientific paid fifteen thousand dollars as a gift to help finance the wedding of the govt. the governor's daughter you know it turns out since that was a gift to the governor's daughter rather than to the governor it was not subject to disclosure the story broke by back channels and it right away the governor said well he didn't have to disclose it because it wasn't a gift to him well it turns out with some investigation into this wedding the governor was signing most of the contracts for the wedding there was left over deposit on that fifteen thousand dollars gift from star scientific and that went to
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marine mcdonnell the governor's wife so it wasn't even a return to star scientific they had immediately started red flags as a what's going on and so other people started taking a look at what is star scientific doing in the state of virginia turns out they've given about one hundred twenty thousand dollars in campaign contributions to governor mcdonnell as well as gifts they've been flying around the country on the corporate jets they have been paying for vacations for governor mcdonnell a luxurious lake house resorts and providing other types of gifts as a result you know one has to start taking a look at what is star scientific getting back in return and that has now become the focus of a department of justice investigation now star scientific says that it does not appear to have received any grants or financial assistance from mcdonald's term that it never sought or received any special benefits let's talk about some of the
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other city dailies i understand they're under investigation right now it will first of all let's talk about would star scientific may have gotten directly from mcdonnell there have been at least two events that we know of in which the governor and his wife hosted essentially a sales product party for star scientific to pitch their product. to buyers and consumers one of those events was even held within the governor's mansion where the governor showed up along with marine mcdonnell touting the virtues of star scientific and what an excellent product they have at another time marine mcdonnell actually traveled to florida to once again pitch star scientific and their products down at another event so there is a direct link going on between you know the gifts that the mcdonnell family's getting and what they're giving back whether this is quid pro quo corruption is the
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subject of the department of justice investigation that's by the way very difficult to prove i mean they the f.b.i. the department of justice actually has to come up with evidence that the mcdonnell family did these official favors for star scientific specifically in exchange for the gifts that they've received a very difficult standard to prove but that's what the department of justice is undertaking especially considering the fact that they're saying that their friends are at the well and you know that's something else that really needs to be taken a look at it turns out that they haven't been friends for that long they've been friends for roughly the time that mcdonnell has been become governor as so you've got a company that you know appears to be wanting to get some kind of favors from the state government providing lots of gifts to the governor this is not an friendship they were friends like back in high school or college before mcdonnell became governor they became friends when there was
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a business relationship going on and by the way i do want to emphasize that stars scientific i mean this appears to be a pattern. of abuse by a star scientific you mentioned candidate cuccinelli who's the attorney general who's doing the investigation of the chef well he was also the next presumed the governor of virginia and we now know that he has been very act. vly trading buying and selling stocks in star scientific so once again we're seeing a return back to company who clearly sees something at stake if they can just get their foot in the governor's mansion well let's talk about that investigation that they're also facing right now star star scientific star scientific is also under investigation for stock frauds now what this involves nobody really knows at this point all we know is that it's part of the official investigation we've just heard
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about it you know in news reports and i do have to emphasize though that this does raise red flags i mean when you've got the next pending governor of virginia buying and selling stocks in star scientific and at the same time star scientific is under investigation for securities fraud. you know this just raises red flags one has to wonder what's going on here we have a very short amount of time left but what does this say about the bigger narrative and its lax ethics laws that says virginia needs to toughen their ethics laws nothing else i mean even if you don't want campaign contribution limits at least get a gift ban on the books companies that want to get some sort of favors for the governor's mansion should not be giving free gifts to the governor should not be flying the governor around on their corporate jet and should not be wining and dining the governor at least get a gift ban. they. caution is needed to make
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a wonderful john grisham novel home and government affairs lobbyist at public citizen thank you for joining us and breaking that all down thank you. well find out of five stars that's what a glowing review looks like on the popular consumer review site and yell from restaurants to clothing stores the site has helped millions get the most bang for their buck and now it seems to be helping another discerning group in a much different way prison inmates are now taking to the popular site using it to sell as a sounding board to vent their frustrations about their condition so far the reviews aren't too positive and they are many of describing them as a poor food quality unfriendly staff an average poor overall conditions just goes to show you that i guess the help can be used for a lot of things although you can't really pick your present and that's going to do it for now i'm mega lopez see you right back here at eight pm.
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